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Recorded Meetings

Page history last edited by Pat Hensley 5 years, 3 months ago

Click on the date to see the recorded meeting.



December 5, 2017, CoTeaching - by Amanda Walkup and Ronda Duncan

March 15, 2017 SCCEC Conference Recap


February 9, 2016 SCCEC Conference Recap


November 19, 2015 Topic: Technology Temptations and Notes


August 25, 2015 Topic: School Year Starter and Notes


January 22, 2015 Meeting Notes

November 18, 2014 Meeting Notes

January 8, 2013 Topic: Behavior Management (unfortunately this was not recorded) 


November 13, 2012 Topic: Tech Tools in the Classroom


September 11, 2012 Topic: Organizational Planning and Beginning of the Year


May 15, 2012 Topic: End of the Year and Planning for Next Year


January 24, 2012 Topic: Compliance Issues and How to Avoid IEP Complaints


October 4, 2011 Topic: Beginning of the School Year


September 28, 2010 Topic: Beginning of the School Year Issues and Comments; IDEA Partnership; Wolfram Alpha


January 25, 2011 Topic: QR Codes and Indicator 13 (Transition)


February 23, 2010  Topic: Assistive Technology


November 17, 2009 Topic: Inclusion


September 29, 2009 Topic: Beginning of the School Year


May 26, 2009 Topic: End of School Year Issues


May 19, 2009 Needed to be rescheduled due to Technical Difficulties


February 10, 2009 Topic: Universal Design for Learning


November 11, 2008 Topics: Online Professional Development Opportunities / Homework


September 23, 2008 Topic: Beginning of the School Year  





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